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About us

at Coes Farm

We moved to Coes Farm as a family in 2020 so that we could plant an organic vineyard and make natural wines.

We all work on the farm together and love having guests to stay in our accommodation. As a small step towards self-sufficiency we grow a lot of our own produce in our kitchen garden and we have a tiny honesty shop on site where you can buy wild garlic salt and home-made jams & chutneys.

We were keen to ensure the estate was as eco-friendly as possible, so we put in a geothermal ground source system and Solar PV panels, and planted 5000 native-species trees on the land. We have also added 200 cider apple trees to the existing orchard.

The vineyard and orchard are now organic and we use biodynamic preparations on the land. Our winemakers, Daniel and Nicola Ham at Offbeat ensure our wines are made naturally with no added yeast, unfiltered and with no added sulphites.

We have a micro-winery on site at Coes where we make Organic natural wine and cider.

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