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at Coes Farm

The oldest part of the estate is the farmhouse which dates back to the 16th Century, along with The Granary and an old barn which was incorporated into the house in the late 20th Century.

After much searching we moved into Coes Farm as a family in early 2020. When we moved in there was much to do as the house hadn’t been lived in for a few years, so we dealt with leaking pipes, collapsing roofs, and rotting timbers.

We were keen to ensure the estate was as eco-friendly as possible, so we installed a geothermal ground source system to cover most of the property’s heating needs and Solar PV panels to supplement the electricity supply.

We planted over 5000 native-species trees on the land and planted the vineyard. We also added 200 cider apple trees to the existing orchard. Even our quad bike is electric powered.

Learn more about our approach.

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