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Wild Goose Vermouth
  • Wild Goose Vermouth


    Wild Goose is an English vermouth handmade by In the Loop for Coes Farm.


      Wild Goose is an English vermouth handmade by In the Loop for Coes Farm. We used Essex-grown Pinot Blanc grapes to make an unfiltered natural wine and added a blend of spices including clove, star anise, juniper, vanilla, fresh bay leaves, and wormwood grown in East Sussex to create a delicious semi-sweet vermouth with orange and vanilla notes, lightly spiced and hints of apple strudel.  


      Wild Goose is best served neat over ice, or as a fantastic mixer for an English/ Italian Negroni – one part Mousehall Gin, one part Wild Goose Vermouth and one part Campari – stirred over ice with burnt orange peel.

    We have a 30-day return policy. To be eligible for a refund, you must return your item at your own cost in the condition that you received it in its original packaging, to: Coes Farm, Dewlands Hill, Rotherfield TN6 3RU. Please feel free to contact us for any return question at


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